Girl & Boy Scouts

North Coast Adventure Centers offers a variety of Girl Scout & Boy Scout specific programs.

Girl Scout programs are based on GS Try It's, Badge and  Interest Projects requirements. After completeing the program you will have earned the relevant award.  North Coast Adventure Centers is able and equipped to support Boy Scout leaders and troups with Facilities, Guides, and Trainers. Theses programs are available for groups of 8 or more.

Girl Scouts, for Brownies and Juniors

Climbing Challenge TryIt

Adventure Sports Badge

Girl Scouts for Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors


Rock Climbing IP (2 Days)

Come learn the basics of rock climbing.  Discover hand and foot holds. Learn how to tie climbing knots. Understand climbing hardware such as harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, ropes and other gear. Develop the ability to safely belay other climbers.

We will take all of these skills and refine them in the climbing gym before going on a climbing expedition to Moonstone Beach or Patrick's point.  Take action by helping to run a climbing event for younger girls.

High Adventure IP

High Adventure IP (2 Days)

Experience a day on the challenge course (ropes course), try low elements like Nitro Crossing, the Spiders Web and the Tension Traverse. Then move on to the high elements like the Vertical Playpen, the Centipede and the Flying Squirrel.  Learn some of the techniques used in adventure programming. Discover the world of games, including Ice Breakers, Name Games, and Warm up Games.  Find out about safety and safety gear. Take Action by running an adventure event for younger girls.


Paddle Pole & Roll (2 Days)

Learn the basics of Kayaking.  Discover proper paddling techniques and different strokes. Learn about the types of boats and their advantages and disadvantages. Hone your skills by spending time on the water exploring Humboldt Bay.          

Discover what it takes to be a Kayak guide. Learn about PFD's, proper clothing and other safety issues. 


 Games for Life (1 Day)

Explore how games can be used for more than fun. Discover how to present and run games of all sorts.What makes a good game? Expand your repitoire of games. Find out about careers in games.

Some independant work required to complete requirements of this IP


Orienteering (1 Day)

Discover how to read a USGS Topographical map, what all the symbols mean, what the difference is between true north, grid north and magnetic north.  Learn about compasses and how to best use them.  Find out about clothing and footwear.  Take action by running a string orienteering event for younger girls. Try your skills on a White or Yellow orienteering course. Learn how orinteering skills can be used in a career.


Boy Scout Climb On & High

These blimbing merit badges introduces Scouts to all types of climbing and rappelling activities—rock faces, climbing towers, climbing gyms, walls, etc. Acquiring climbing skills builds self-esteem in young people as well as a sense of accomplishment. No. 35001A, 3206, and 8631.

Boy Scout Leave No Trace Awareness

Leave No Trace reminds us to respect other users of the outdoors including future generations. Appreciation for our natural environment and a knowledge of the interrelationships of nature bolster our respect for and reverence of the environment and nature. Leave No Trace is an awareness and an attitude rather than a set of rules. The principles of Leave No Trace apply in your backyard or local park as much as in the backcountry. Scouts and Scouters who complete the Leave No Trace requirements are entitled to wear the Leave No Trace temporary patch (No. 8630). No. 21-105.

Other Boy Scout Badges

  • Whitewater, No. 35965 - 2005
  • Wilderness Survival, No. 35966 - 2007
  • Orienteering, No. 35925 - 2003
  • Climbing, No. 35873 - 2006
  • First Aid, No. 35897 - 2007
  • Hiking, No. 35907 - 2007
  • Lifesaving, No. 35915 - 2008
  • Nature, No. 35922 - 2003
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