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Currently Closed for Summer 2014 to meet new state of California Zip Line Regulation.

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Jon O'Connor, M.S. on Sun Jun 1, 2014.



Are you ready to take your LOVE to new heights?  Why not go out on a limb for your wedding ceremony (literally)?  Today's adventurous couples are weaving their love of outdoor adventure sports  into their wedding ceremonies.  Redwood Canopy Ceremonies are becoming a new trend for couples who want to say their vows in the boughs of Redwoods trees, on the Pacific North Coast of California!


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Jon O'Connor, M.S. on Sat Jun 1, 2013.
Outdoor Adventure Clothing and Gear, Himalayan Strong 

Humboldt AdventureWear Mission: 
To enhance your outdoor experience and promote Humboldt County, California as an adventure destination. We are committed to designing and making outdoor adventure clothing and gear that is Humboldt and Himalayan Strong!

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Derek Hilson on Thu Mar 22, 2012.
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