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North Coast Adventure Centers Inc. - Connecting the North Coast, one adventure at a time


NCAC is structured as a employee-owned corporation, a CO-OP model.  This means that most of our departments are run by employee owners and the organization's decisions are being made locally by activity experts.  


Below are some articles about North Coast Adventure Centers and more information about our company.

Mens Health "20 Guys Trips that Will Change Your Life" - Summer 2010

Climb a Redwood: The 1,500-year-old, 300-foot-tall redwoods of California's Humboldt County scrape the sky. But for conservation reasons, climbing them is illegal except by organized canopy tour. With North Coast Adventure Centers, you'll shimmy up seven stories before spending the next 2 to 3 hours taking in an eagle's-eye view of Redwood Park by zipline. 
Why: It's fun, and you'll contemplate your own humble existence in the shadows of these giants that witnessed Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo's arrival in 1542.


American Way Magazine: "American Canopy Tours" 2011

Born in the cloud forests of Costa Rica, modern zip-line canopy tours let adventure seekers traverse high-flying cables through some of the world’s most scenic wildernesses. And while these ripping rides have persisted as adventure-travel staples in tropical hot spots for nearly two decades, zip-line tours have recently spread beyond the jungles and taken root stateside in a big way.

Today, travelers in the U.S. can join guided treetop nature tours ranging from the California redwoods to the Florida wetlands; scream along the cables at upwards of 65 mph on steep, near-free-fall speed lines; and even soar high through the neon jungle of Las Vegas. Take flight with one of these operators:
North Coast Adventure Centers Arcata, Calif., 280 miles north of San Francisco: Explore the world’s tallest trees from a height of 70 to 120 feet in Arcata’s Redwood Park, in Humboldt County. The knowledgeable guides at this outdoor-adventure co-op teach participants how to clip and unclip each other to the lines before they zip through the canopy. $75, www.northcoastadventurecenters.com


Outside Magazine: Top 5 Redwood Canopy Tours in the Nation

NCAC strives to partner with the best guides, naturalists, and organizations to serve the North Coast outdoor community.

What We Do:
One of our goals in to help shape Humboldt as an adventure destination.  We do that through two main areas of focus:
Tours: Redwood Canopy Tours & The Big Rappel/Rock Climbing
Retreats:  School, Non-profit, Ropes Course, and general team-building programs


Core Values: 
  • We are a company that runs like a coop, acts like a nonprofit, and is entirely employee owned
  • We are committed to sharing adventure, community, and fun with anyone that wants to join our programs and adventures
  • We strive for continuous improvement, service excellence, and world-renouned customer service
  • We empower, respect, and challenge team members to be their best
  • We are dedicated to the local community through environmental sustainability and social responsibility
  • We encourage team member and customer diversity

We will be hiring in April for Redwood Canopy Tour guides.

Email Adam, one of our founders: Adam@NorthCoastAdventureCenters.com



We work with assistant guides and facilitators ($10/hr), lead guides and facilitators ($15/hr), and talented trainers ($20/hr).  

Our community of adventure companies and in-house programs bring together decades of experience.